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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More of November

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A few days before baby brother was born, I came across this little song written by Brenna.  Her sentiments explained exactly how we were all feeling at the time:

All the girls got fresh hair cuts before baby came.  I am in love with Kinlee's A-line bob.  She cut her own hair (it was bound to happen with three girls...I've been bracing myself for the day) so the best way to camouflage it was to cut bangs.  I wish I would have done this sooner, her face was made for bangs! 

Just because I had my fifth baby doesn't mean that everything stops and everyone doesn't need mama.  Life does go on with four other little people. I have to admit that I am not yet "on top of my game" and that my kids and husband have really had to step it up and make up the difference.  Luckily I recovered pretty fast (aside from my usual case of mastitis then thrush then yeast mastitis).  I feel great actually and have tons of energy just a few weeks after giving birth.  I must have truly been out of commission those last few months of pregnancy if this state of being feels great.  Ha!  I honestly have not needed a nap since I came home from the hospital, even with getting up several times during the night with a newborn.  Naps were a daily part my entire pregnancy, an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness would weigh down on me until I couldn't fight it any more.  Those days are (hopefully) through!  Hallelujah!  It just makes me appreciate my semi-normal non-pregnant self.  Our bodies are amazing.  

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that the bowling alley was our first outing as a family (because you would think a bowling alley is the germiest place on earth to bring a newborn).  No worries though, baby just slept the entire time and the rest of us had a blast.  We always forget how much we love bowling as a family when we go bowling!  

These two are the snuggliest of sister snugglers.  

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