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Sunday, February 15, 2015

St. George or Bust

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For New Years this year, we traveled all the way to St. George.  Who travels in the winter all the way to St. George with a newborn after just recovering from mastitis?  We are insane.  I wish I could say that the roads were good, but that would be far from the truth.  They were awful!  But we survived our first road trip as a family of seven with not one extra seat for me to maneuver.  Again...we are cray cray.  Luckily the kids were really good, and baby was a trooper.  Aside from the throwing-up-in -the-back-seat-due-to-car-sickness-but-I-couldn't-get-back-there-to-help issue, it was worth the trip.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to see so many cousins and make such fun memories.

We first stopped in with my cousins at Ali's house.  I miss them. 

It was so nice to have my sis meet this little man.

We spent the night at Josh and Marcie's then caravan-ed the next morning with them and Summer and Jared's families.  We stayed at a nice big house owned by Jeff, Marcie's Dad.  It was a wonderful place to stay because it fit us all with room to spare.  We just wanted a place where we could all be together and basically did nothing, let the kids play, and had many enlightening conversations.

We took the kids to a children's museum and they had a blast.

The combination of these two are mischief-makers!  But look at those faces...they get away with it.

So fun to have cousins the same age!  This reminds me of my two cousins on my Dad's side, there were three of us and we grew up together.  They were like sisters to me.   
 XOXO to Ani and Jennie.  

Same with these big girls.  

Glad these two have each other with all these girls everywhere!  

Traveling to St. George was worth the long drive.  It was a great time for all of us.  

Our final stop was with Shawn and Chelsea.  Their three girls were so adorable with Levi.  Callie is a little Mommy and made sure he was happy at all time. 

We love all of our family!  It was the perfect way to begin the New Year, visiting many of our loved ones.  These relationships are what truly matter to us.  

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