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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We Love Christmas

Pin It Christmas morning!  The kids woke up Gran and Grandpa in the basement first, then tried to drag Dad and Mom out of bed by singing.  Easier said than done with a newborn.  Kinlee was not having the traditional lineup, she takes after her mother and is not a morning person.

But she soon got over that.  

Brenna loved her American Girl Ballerina outfit and Battleship was Kempton's main Christmas wish.  Averie loved her grown-up jewelry box.

We took a break in between unwrapping presents and enjoyed our traditional quiche along with Gran's orange rolls, real chocolate milk and eggnog.  

I have been obsessed with getting the new P90x3 videos so that Cale and I can get in shape.  This is the year that we are going to get healthy together!  So Cale wrapped up these things loosely in a box so that I could unscramble the message.  He's so clever.   
We were SPOILED by our lifelong friends in California!  

The loot:

Kempton- Lego/project table for his room, magic set, Battleship, Origami, Cover Your Assets game, and Kitchen Science.  Look how happy he is!  

Brenna- reading pillow, Puppy Surprise, Ballerina outfit, journal, and jewelry box

Averie- duvet bed set, matching hat/gloves/scarf, mini American Girl doll, watch, and jewelry box
Kinlee- Doc McStuffins giant coloring book, paint, playdough, Little People Ariel, Mini Mouse, and Doc McStuffins play set

We had a wonderful Christmas!  
This mama is exhausted.  Christmas for five kids right after giving birth is not an easy task! haha
Thank goodness for a fabulous husband and parents who I could count on.

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