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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas Eve

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It was our year to host our parents for Christmas.  I love that they come to us and rotate to all of their children.  We had our traditional sun-dried tomato chicken pasta, along with my brothers' families who sent us pictures of their variations.  We have adapted the original recipe over the years, adding mushrooms and using bow-tie pasta.  We paired it with Caesar salad and asparagus, along with sparkling cider.  Yum!

We then went to see the Christmas lights at the courthouse, came home and acted out the Nativity in our new costumes.

We then opened jammies.  This year there wasn't a matching theme, but each child received a pair that I knew they would love.  Kinlee is obsessed with Doc McStuffins right now (I make a caricature exception for pajamas and bedding haha).  

Brenna got Dolly and Me matching Nightgown jammies.  

Kempton loves his Ninja Turtle PJ pants.

And every got a more grown-up pair of cute PJs

Buddy (Levi) was in his first pair of Christmas jammies too!  Everyone wanted a turn to hold him. 

Daddy loves to have him fly like superman because he's flat as a board.  

All tucked in with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads!  

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