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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Christmas Month

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Even though I tried to lay low the first weeks as the mother of a newborn baby, there was still lots to do during the Christmas month.  

No one was as busy as Averie, however.  She had been working her tail off since October with rehearsals for the Nutcracker.  Every four years the University puts on a professional ballet of the Nutcracker.  Averie tried out back in October and was given that part of a soldier.  It was such a wonderful (yet very hard) experience.  With lots of very late nights, night after night.  We felt like we hardly saw her those last few weeks!  But this is the culture of the arts, it was a great learning experience for everyone (Daddy especially haha)!  And baby Levi joined our family right in the middle of heavy rehearsals.  It was busy to say the least!

She felt so proud to be part of something so special.  She had four nights of performances with a few matinees, one where she was able to perform for all of the elementary schools in town.  She felt like a movie star!  She did just a great job and hopes to try out again in four more years.  Since this, she became very interested in dance and hopes to be a ballerina in the Nutcracker some day.  

We went to several choir performances during the month, for all of the kids.

I watched baby grow every day, which is bitter sweet for sure.  He turned one month old and is such a delight.  He is a good sleeper, which to me means he goes back to bed after each feeding in the night until he is ready for his next feeding.  He has yet to cry or fuss in the night and gives me at least 3-hour stretches in the night.  He is a good little eater, despite the thrush and mastitis.  He does spit up somewhat (hopefully not as much as his big brother Kempton did...time will tell).  He looks so much like Kempton and we see lots of Brenna in him.  Although hard to pinpoint since I think all of my babies look so similar.  He still sleeps a lot, but when he is awake he prefers to be held and needs someone to pay attention to him.  He takes a bottle and binky like a champ so far fingers crossed.  He is already out of his newborn clothes, which is so sad for mama to handle.  He is so calm, easy to please, easy to read, and so so sweet.  

I love it when they sleep with their eyes open!

Gran and Grandpa came for Christmas this year and were able to stay for 10 days.  They were such a big help, even let Cale and I go shopping all day in Fort Collins one day.  We all loved having them hear.  

 Kinlee played for hours and hours with the Christmas Little Peoples.  So worth it.

So much fun with all of our good friends for our annual White Elephant gift exchange. 

Daddy with his babies.

 Gran gave us the entire Nativity costumes for Christmas.  A little shepherd:

I came to the school for the kids to show and tell their new brother.  Kempton is so proud of his baby brother (and little sister) and obviously so sweet with them.  

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