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Thursday, March 19, 2015

January and February in a FLASH

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I love it when babies sleep with their eyes open.  Some may find it creepy, I find it adorable.  

Beware of this photo's graphic nature.  In my effort to teach my children responsibility and hard work, they are required to unload the dishwasher before school.  I no longer wash the blender's blade in the dishwasher.  OUCH.

 These two are so fun to be with during the day. 

 Levi is sporting his Wyoming gear.  He only got a few uses out of it, he's grown way. too. fast.  

I sadly put away Levi's 0-3 month clothes.  Baby boys grow way too fast!

We've had a very mild winter this year and have been able to play outside more than usual.  I got a great workout jumping on the trampoline with Kinlee this day.  It seemed as though every bone in my body cracked with each bounce!  I get to look at her cute little face 24/7.   

And....she's done with pictures.  

Friday night movies are something we all look forward to.  Having all five of my children in one place brings me peace.  Safe and sound.  

Lots of smiles and giggles from this little guy.

He's a big flirt.

Kempton's Minecraft Valentine's box.  He and Averie are currently obsessed with Minecraft these day.  He was so happy to make this all by himself.   

And give out these Valentines (thank you Pinterest).

Brenna's obsession with monkeys continues. 

 Since Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love, we had a family Valentine's Day this year.  We went to watch Kempton play with his basketball team during the Wyoming basketball game's half time show.  Me and my girls: 

We then came home for dinner, a heart-shaped pizza, soda, and caesar salad.  

 We topped off the night with a dessert of chocolate fondue.  The kids looooved this and we decided it needs to be a Valentine's Day tradition from now on.

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