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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Pin It After a low-key, unorganized, and unscheduled summer, it was finally time to bring some structure back into our lives and go back to school.

The truth is...I'm just gonna be frank with you...the summer pretty much kicked my trash.  You see, I've never been the mother of five before.  No matter how hard I tried or how early I arose, I could never seem to get ahead of the game between nursing an infant, making sure baby didn't choke to death and that he was accounted for at all times, cleaning up toddler messes, making sure toddler was dressed and fed regularly, being the screen time police, making sure the big three finished their jobs, doing outings and getting fresh air, working through sibling arguing, etc etc etc.  I don't think I was able to cross anything off of my TO DO list all summer long.  I went from one child to the next, answering questions and fulfilling their needs, tried to keep up with laundry or at least make sure we all had clean underwear, and it wasn't even like I got to have loads fun with my kids!  I really tried, but somebody always needed something (like nourishment or a nap. Ha!).  Good thing they have each other.  I had many talks with my helpful husband about it and he would always remind me that there would probably never be another summer like this.  After all, I would never have an infant again, and infants are a lot of work!  But they are oh-so-precious and I would never get this time with him again.  I had to come to the acceptance that I am just learning how to do this mother-of-five thing and needed to be more patient with myself (and my children).  Being resentful and not present, worrying about what I need to get done wasn't going to help me or the situation.  So I made the decision to embrace the chaos and my inability to get my life in order! I had to be OK with the free-for-all that ensued at all times in our home.  Funny thing is, by the time I made that decision, the summer was over and it was time to adjust to the new school year and all that comes with it.  Needless to say, it was time for school to start!  Hooray for everyone!

The big three looking ready  

Averie 5th (and last year in elementary school!)

Kempton 3rd

Brenna 2nd

We've had so much construction in our neighborhood over the summer, that we can no longer see the school from our house, are not the closest house to the school, and have to take a different route other than through the field.  That was a sad day!  Boo hoo!  

Brenna is getting swallowed up by her back pack!

We love our teachers...

and our friends!

Kinlee was a sad girl on the first day of school, she was teary all the way home.  But we managed to pull her through with thoughts of starting preschool this year!

Kinlee's first day of preschool started the following week.  We are doing a Mom's swap preschool, where each mom takes a week.  Two days a week they go to a different house for a few hours for planned preschool.  She LOVES it!  

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