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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Birthday Month

Pin It Once the end of August rolls around, I just have to put on my big girl panties and brace myself for relentless parties, presents, and  holidays.  Cale's birthday, school starting, Kempton's birthday, my birthday (which is not exciting anymore let me tell you, because it just means life is flashing right by), Averie's birthday, then Halloween, Levi's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas festivities, then Brenna's birthday.  It's nothing but planning and excitement til the end of January!

First up on the festivities train is this amazing kid's birthday.  It was a happy 9th birthday for my thoughtful, caring, inquisitive, responsible, and unassuming Kempton.  He wasn't my baby very long, but when I look at his baby pictures, I remember how his personality and temperament were so very apparent, even at a young age.  He was my first angel baby (my boys were so easy).  When I show him his baby pictures, all he can see is that his baby brother looks just like him.  I tell him that he's the original Kempton!  (but with amazing red hair)

We get excited about the simple pleasures of life around here, like fully-loaded Dr. Pepper.

Gran and Grandpa got him roller blades!  What a hit!  
And look at Levi sitting next to his big brother.  Melt my heart.

He got the hang of it super quickly

Our Kempton is not a cake lover.  In fact, he's not a sweets person in general.  But I told him we needed something sweet to put candles on (could have put them on meat loaf I guess?  haha) so he requested my chocolate chip cookies in a big cookie.  

This made his day, so easy to please is my boy!

He shared root beer floats with his class and I surprised him with sushi in his lunch box for lunch.  hehe

And as tradition has it, he got to choose his homemade dinner.  
He loves meatloaf, olive garden salad, and corn on the cob. 

Then a few days later he got to open his presents from grandma and grandpa. 

He loves Calvin and Hobbes...

and playing board games.  He tries to get everyone to play games with him!

We decided to have a combined party for Averie and Kempton at the bowling alley.  They each got to invite their own friends and we killed two birds with one stone with bowling, pizza, soda, and another big cookie.  Combining their parties was the best decision and I wish we could do it every year!  As a bonus, we had cousins from Utah come visit for the weekends so they got to party with us.

For some reason, I lost half of the pictures from the party.  Thank you to auntie Summer for capturing all that she did at the party (no picture of Kempton with his friends...big bummer!)

  These two little mischief-makers!

(Joey was behind the lens)

 For Averie's birthday, she requested biscuits and gravy for her birthday breakfast

Nothing like daddy helping you ditch school on your birthday so you can go to Sonic in a sports car.  This red sports car describes our Averie perfectly.  Adventurous, free spirited, sassy, fun, a little on the wild side, and a daddy's girl since day one.  What a blessing she's been to us.  Love her!

 Averie loves Dairy Queen icecream cake so she got her own personal icecream cupcake.

I made this DIY Pottery Barn cork board for her room.  

Happy Birthday Averie and Kempton!  

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