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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


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The beginning of the month we had a visit from my brother and his family.  We attempted to watch conference, Cale worked on their van, and my sis-in-law took family pictures for us.  This is the only non-professional picture I got hehe:

Our little college town comes alive in the fall with the beginning of football season.  We always try to make it to one home game, in the beginning of the season when the weather is still beautiful.  Go Pokes! 

Buddy made his first game day debut.  

Such intense focus on pumpkin carving.

 The last few years, I've taken great pleasure from seeing how little I can spend on Halloween.  Only because we do have a nice stash of used Halloween clothes from years prior.  Did have to purchase Averie's costume and am lucky enough to have a talented friend who crochets.  Kinlee Tangled, Buddy Lumberjack, Kempton Mad Scientist, Brenna Wonder Woman, and Averie Flapper Girl

We love having cousins close enough to come for these special occasions!  Joey and Porter joined us for our Halloween festivities.

"The Grand Trading" as they call it.

All day every day Kinlee plays by herself with all her "little things" like Polly Pockets, Doll House people, Strawberry Shortcake people, etc.  She prefers them combined and gets annoyed when I try to organize them.  Ha!  

We are in denial that we (Cale) are/is old enough that it's been 20 years since high school graduation.  I am so grateful to have had cousin Amanda to hang out with so I didn't have to just stand there looking interested.  Ha!  

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