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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brenna's Big Birthday

Pin It Turning 8 is a big deal around here.  Instead of a themed friend birthday, we try to simplify to be sure that their baptism is more of the focus.  We turn our attention to the details of that special day.

On her actual birthday, she opened presents from Grandparents, and we had a family celebration with her favorite meal of "white sauce noodles" and olive garden salad with Dairy Queen icecream for dessert.

Our baby Brenna is getting so grown-up, she loves all things girly and loves fashionable.  
Yet still so tiny.  

This year Brenna decided to have a few of her best friends over for a "late night" as we call it.  Not the usual planning, just ice cream cake, pizza, movie, and our family favorite of popcorn with fun mix-ins (jelly beans, m&ms).  These are always the easiest parties ever.   

Our Brenna is such a joy in our family, she is a ray of sunshine in the middle of the frequent chaos.  She is happy, even-tempered, funny, "laughy" (as we call her), helpful, responsible, smart, coordinated, petite, and doesn't realize her beauty.  She is the easy-going middle child.  She is everyone's best friend and wants to please her teacher and parents.  Every family needs a Brenna!  

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