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Friday, February 19, 2016

Starting the Year off with a Bang

Pin It My all-time favorite board game is Clue.  Kempton is a board game enthusiast, so Santa brought it to him for Christmas.  It was the perfect way to spend our New Years.  We also spent the day in Cheyenne with family and cousins, then headed home for the night festivities with great friends.

Everyone stayed up til midnight, pretty impressive!  

Over Christmas break, we took the kids to Chucky Cheese.  So disgusting for adults, but like a dream come true for kids.  Kinlee's still talking about it, and says she wants to go for her birthday.

Starting New Year's Day, our cousins came to stay with us while they had a big soccer tournament in town.  It was such a good time, we loved having them!  Since we live somewhat close, we don't get to do sleepovers very often, which I think is the best way to get to know each other and talk, so this was a real treat in my book.

Levi LOVES uncle Danny, he snuggled right in on many occasions.

The Sunday night family left, I thought I had developed a bad case of indigestion.  I called my brother and talked to him for a few hours as the pain increased (but didn't tell him I was in pain for some reason, should have, he's a nurse!).  It was about 11:30 pm, Cale was already in bed, and I thought I would take a bath to see if that would help.  It didn't really help, so I took some ibuprofen and tried to fall asleep.  The pain kept getting worse as I lay there, thrashing around and waking up Cale.  I decided to get back in the bathtub to calm down.  But even after 45 minutes, the ibuprofen wasn't touching the pain.  So I took two more, then got back in bed.  By now, Cale was starting to worry.  Could this really be happening?  The night before his big day starting his new position?  I went out to the living room to let him sleep, but he came out to see me and give me an appendicitis test, something he saw the doctors do with Averie the year before.  What he did killed me!  Sent shocks of pain all up my body!  I realized that the pain was definitely localized to my lower right side and that it was more than indigestion.  We had no other choice but to have me drive myself to the hospital.  I got right in (yay for small towns!) and was greeted by the ER doc, who happens to be a friend.  Got all the tests for appendicitis (CATscan, bloodwork) and sure enough, it was going to burst in a matter of a few hours. I was given morphine until surgery, which was in the early morning.  And yes, I was wheeled into surgery on my own, no one holding me hand.  Boo hoo.  It's the craziest thing because I have no memory of the operating room.  I slept for a long time and the next morning is a blur, other than my OB/GYN friend came to visit, which was so nice.  

My mother-in-law came over as soon as she could to help with the kids so Cale could work on his big day.  Cale came to the hospital when we heard work that I was getting discharged.  That was the first time he's ever seen me without an appendix haha.  It was such a whirlwind experience, a trial for our family for sure.  And now I have three scars on my belly (ugh). But our friends, family, and teachers really rallied around us and showed us so much love and service.  It was hard for our kids to find out that their Mama was in the hospital, but they were well taken care of and managed to pull through.  No doubt with the gentle hand of our Heavenly Father watching out for us.  He showed us much love and gave us tender mercies.  

I will spare you pictures, but just wanted to publicly thank dear family and friends for all of your help this week. I started the new year with a bang, can only go up from here! haha I had an emergency appendectomy early Monday morning. So thankful for a few familiar faces in the hospital, then a wonderful MIL who came as soon as she heard to help since Cale had an important week this week at work. Friends and teacher friends who offered to watch kids, take kids to activities, and bring in meals. Calls and texts from concerned family and friends. My heart is full (along with air in my belly haha)!

 About 4 days post-recovery, we all went to the college basketball game to watch Levi do the baby crawl race during halftime.  It was so much fun.  He was on the jumbo tram and our entire family was coercing him to make his way halfway down the court.  He won!  Daddy had literally been training him for this once-in-a-lifetime event!  It was so much fun, I almost started crying I was so happy!  Especially all that we had gone through at the beginning of the week.  

Simultaneously to all of this happening, I was determined to do another round of whole 30.  This time, it would only be whole 27 actually (because of exciting upcoming events), but surprisingly enough I was able to stay whole 30 during my surgery.  Mainly because I didn't have an appetite haha.  

I was so excited to go back to my hair lady again.  She was gone on maternity leave last time I went to get my hair done (horrible experience).  But...being the amazing hair lady she is, refused to put any more bleach back into my hair for a while, so did this boliage technique.  It's a little darker than I love, but worth it in order to get my healthy hair back. These were a few selfies I took for my BFF to assure me it was OK. haha

The Broncos are in the playoffs so life is pretty awesome around here. 

One of buddy's favorite things to do these days is to climb up and down off of the hearth

Kinlee started gymnastics, it's so good for her to do something brave.

 After having roseola, we have our Buddy back!  He wouldn't eat for five days.  Such a sad week! 

 These updates only took us up til the 21st of January.  Holy cow our January was ridiculous!  But it was about to get crazy again, this time for lots of F-U-N!  More on that later.   

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