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Friday, February 19, 2016

Christmas 2016

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Christmas morning always starts with the kids singing us carols.  My siblings and I had to do this for our parents, and my Mom had to do it for her parents.  It's a silly tradition that helps us parents not have to jump out of bed Christmas morning, but gives us a few minutes to wake up.  It also helps children to develop patience.  haha  They aren't allowed to leave our room until we are ready to look at what Santa brought all together!

Santa brings about four presents each, all wrapped and in a pile by their stockings.

 Because the kids are getting older and can now handle the concept, we decided to start one of Cale's family's traditions this year.  We did "secret person" where everyone drew a name and bought a well-thought gift for that person.  We left Buddy out of it, but the remaining four worked hard to earn money or use their own money for their person.  It was so fun!

Hugs all around.  They really did put their heart into figuring out the perfect gift, and worked by doing extra jobs or used their own money to purchase.  A few of them went over budget, which I thought was very generous and so I didn't discourage them.

Levi was big enough to figure out what happens when you unwrap a present!

We then had Christmas breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bacon, "real" chocolate milk (out of a carton), and egg nog. 

After breakfast, we unwrapped the presents under the tree, from grandparents, secret person, and our good friends, the Davis'.  

Averie got this wrap-sweater from one dancer to another (auntie Elizabeth).  Gran made all the grand kids a personalized pillow case.  Love it!  They got cash from Grandma and Grandpa Perriton, which was a hit.

My extended family are HUGE Star Wars fans, and so are our kids, so Gran and Grandpa gave them a new Wii game along with light sabers!

Here's the run down.  From Santa, Grandparents, secret person, and the Davis':

(Levi got a car seat from Santa.  Ha!)

(American Girl not included in this year's loot)

We organized the mess, then headed off for the evening for dinner and time spent with family.  It was the perfect Christmas Day!

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