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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Fourth is Four

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 This sweet girl turned 4 in April

Kinlee is such a little piece of sunshine.  She's so sweet...and very shy unless she knows you really well.  She says hilarious and insightful things all the time, she's got spunk.  She is sensitive to others and quite the little nurturer, knows how to take care of her friends and family.  She can be stubborn and was my hardest to potty train.  And she doesn't need much sleep, stopped taking naps early on.  She doesn't get a thrill about food, unless it's "sugar things" (frosted mini wheats).  But she has never been one to throw tantrums or have fits.  She is genuinely a happy little person and it doesn't take much for her to be herself.  She just likes to ease into things.  She runs with her hands straight down by her sides (so funny) and calls the places we live Worlds, "Mommy, where is Gran's World?"

She makes me smile and laugh out loud each and every day.  Hardly do I lose my patience with Kinlee, her weaknesses and struggles are not things I can be frustrated with.  Mostly it's just that feeling of worry for her, having to watch her be brave and trust people outside of Daddy and Me.  She sure is such a joy and a big part of our family.  Love you Kin Kin!  

We had it easy this year, her actual birthday was on a Saturday so we celebrated in one swoop.  She decided on a gymnastics party with preschool friends.  She loves her gymnastics class with her cute friend Brooklyn.  The party was so fun and super easy!  

She was so sweet and hugged all of her friends to say thank you.  

Then that evening, we opened family presents from grandmas and grandpas and mom and dad.  
This is a picture of all of her presents from the day.  

Happy birthday Kinlee!  Please don't grow another day!  

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