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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ooh la la! Fancy Averie is four!

Pin It Averie's Fancy Nancy party was so posh! She decided way back in spring that she wanted a Fancy Nancy Birthday party, after searching through an online party store magazine and finding Fancy Nancy party favors. The Fancy Nancy series of books have been her favorite at the library, they are "must reads" for any toddler girl!

Averie as Fancy Nancy:

(We were so ecstatic when we came across this actual Fancy Nancy costume at Target, couldn't resist!)

I went the easy route on the cake this year, but it was actually very delicious, and I'm not a lover of cakes!

The party started with a reading of the original Fancy Nancy book. Notice Kempton in the left side of the picture with top hat and fancy blazer. This was the only shot we got of him in his full ensemble. Next, we played musical fancy hats. The object of the game was to pass the hat to the person on the right. Whoever was left without a hat would receive a prize. The kids started realizing that if they didn't have a hat, they would get a prize, so instead of passing the hats, they started throwing the hats so they would be the one without a hat and get a prize! Nobody wanted a hat, it was hilarious. We then changed the rules and only used one hat to pass around.
Here is the craft table all neat and tidy before they went to work. They had a great time decorating their own fancy notebook with their name in foam lettering, stickers, pom poms, and stamps.
Last, we ate heart shaped sandwiches with frilly toothpicks. Each fancy friend made their own parfait. We used pudding and different toppings with whip cream and cherry to top! I really tried to make the party fun for the boys too. Hence, stearing clear of making tiaras, jewelry or purses!

Averie's Fancy Friends:

*Colton, Adam, Jake, Katelynn, Gracie, Maci, Ellie, and Keili *

Fancy Brenna:
(Auntie Chelsea made these adorable tutus for Averie and Brenna. They are SOOOO fancy! Love 'em!)

Cale and I can't figure out how we have a four-year-old! We love our Averie, and are so blessed to be her parents. We've joked that she is the new and definitely improved version of us! She has my eyes, her daddy's sense of humor and happy demeaner, and her own bright, adventurous, independent and compassionate spirit.


Scott and Becky Burdick said...

Happy Birthday Averie! What a fun party.

Ponczoch Family said...

Fancy party! Happy 4th, Averie... 4 is a good age (just ask Ava).

Danny & Denise Reisdorfer said...

What a Super Party! Love that idea...might have to use it in the future, what a great mom Averie has!

Marcie said...

How DARLING!!! You are so creative. She will always remember that special day. Great Job! Happy Birthday Averie we love you and miss you.

Forrest & Jennie said...

Suzette- Oh, how I wish you lived closer so that your creative mind could help me plan b-day parties for my kids. Averie's party looked adorable. Absoultely love it.

The Medina Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Averie!! I am going to have to use your girl theme parties for Hannah. Looks like tons of fun.

Chelsea Peterson said...

Great party Suzette! Everything was so posh. Welcome to our future.