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Thursday, February 18, 2016


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In December, we tried to have lots of fun, remember the reason for the season, feel the spirit of service, and keep our head above water!

There were many-a-school-parties

She was mad at me...for something I can't remember...but I couldn't help but capture her angry face!  She's trying so hard!

We went neighborhood caroling, which was such a fun experience.  All different denominations of Christian friends singing songs about Christ at Christmas.  Melt my heart.  

Our annual "ugly sweater party" with our close friends, which has turned into a "pajama party" or "come as you are party" because we're party poopers.  But we still manage to have a great time with "my face hurts" and "I think I peed my pants" laughter.

I followed "The Destoyer" around all day.  He really fits this description, I'm a little scared for what the future brings.

Made gingerbread houses

(Kinlee's face hehe)

Cale was made president of Wyotech, his dream job.  
He's been working his behind off all these years and it paid off!  

Aside from the misspelling of our last name, here's a nice article about Cale's new position. Today's newspaper broke our exciting news. I'm pretty proud of Mr. Parrington. The end of second page is my favorite!  Ha!  

We have truly been blessed and I am so grateful. 
The end of the second page is my favorite hah

This little sweetie loves to do "makeup" with mommy every day.  It showed more in person, but she filled in her brows with my makeup.  haha

Good thing big bushy eyebrows are in right now!  This is her "after shot" from doing "mommy's makeup" with me this morning. With eyebrows as the focus and a nude lip.


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